Track your Pagewiz Site with WOEXA.

To install the WOEXA Tracking Code onto your Pagewiz site, just follow these steps. You’ll be identifying visitors in no time!

Copy your Tracker Code

					<!-- CANDDi -->
<script async type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<!-- /END CANDDi -->

Log in to Pagewiz on Dashboard click on your landing page. Double click on 'HTML code' form the menu.

In 'HTML code' Give your code a name (eg. 'WOEXA caode') Add your code (from step 1) to the 'Enter your HTML Code' section and click on 'Apply' (big green button)

It now shows your you can access your code (by double clicking on it) if you ever need it again. It doesn't matter where it's placed on the page as don't worry it WON'T show on your live website or in preview mode.