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June 8, 2019
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The Advantages of a Head of Business Development as Your CMO: A New Perspective on Client Value

The worlds of sales and marketing are evolving at a rapid pace. Digital transformation, AI, and data analytics are propelling industries into the future, and the need for innovative, forward-thinking leadership has never been more significant. That’s why many businesses are now looking towards roles traditionally focused on growth and innovation, like the Head of Business Development, to fill the CMO’s shoes.

A Head of Business Development (HoBD) brings a distinct advantage to the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). In essence, this is a strategic shift that recognizes the inherent value of business development insights and experience in crafting marketing strategies and driving company growth. More importantly, this shift has profound implications for client value and satisfaction.

Bringing Business Development to Marketing

Traditionally, business development and marketing have been separate entities, each with distinct roles and responsibilities. While the marketing department focused on creating brand awareness and driving customer engagement, business development was tasked with identifying strategic opportunities, partnerships, and channels for growth. However, the dividing lines are blurring in the current business environment.

The HoBD as your CMO signifies the unification of these once separate entities. With this shift, companies aim to leverage the analytical acumen and strategic orientation of business development leaders to drive marketing initiatives. The HoBD’s perspective on long-term growth strategies, market trends, and customer needs can bring a much-needed balance to the short-term, campaign-oriented approach of traditional marketing.

Advantages of a HoBD as Your CMO

1. Strategic Vision

First and foremost, a HoBD brings a strategic vision to the role of CMO. With their inherent understanding of the business landscape, they are equipped to align marketing strategies with business objectives. This means marketing is no longer an isolated function, but rather an integral part of the company’s overarching strategy.

2. Enhanced Focus on ROI

HoBDs are accustomed to focusing on ROI and bottom-line results. As such, they bring a financial lens to marketing, ensuring that every marketing initiative is quantifiable, tied to clear objectives, and has a direct impact on revenue generation. This results-oriented approach can greatly enhance marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Emphasis on Relationship Building

Business development is about building relationships and partnerships. As CMOs, HoBDs can incorporate this relationship-oriented mindset into marketing strategies. This means moving beyond transactional interactions to developing long-term relationships with customers, thereby fostering loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value.

4. Utilizing Market Insights

With their experience in identifying and exploring new business opportunities, HoBDs are naturally attuned to the market. They bring valuable insights into consumer behavior, competitive analysis, and market trends, which can significantly enhance marketing strategy and execution.

"“Marketing is not just selling products, it’s igniting customer experiences.”"

Shiv Khera

What It Means to Clients

This strategic shift in leadership is not only beneficial to businesses, but also offers a distinct value proposition to clients.

1. Increased Customer Centricity

With a HoBD as the CMO, businesses are likely to adopt a more customer-centric marketing approach. This means understanding customer needs at a deeper level, delivering personalized experiences, and focusing on long-term customer satisfaction. As a result, clients receive products, services, and interactions that are more tailored to their needs.

2. Consistency in Value Proposition

HoBDs are adept at identifying unique value propositions and ensuring that these are communicated effectively across all channels. By having a consistent value proposition, clients are more likely to understand and appreciate what a company has to offer, leading to increased trust and loyalty.

3. Proactive Problem Solving

With their strategic mindset, HoBDs are likely to be proactive in identifying potential issues and solving them before they impact customers. This translates into fewer problems for clients and a smoother customer experience overall.

4. Meaningful Engagement

Finally, the relationship-building ethos of business development means that clients can expect more meaningful engagement. This could include regular communication, personalized content, and sincere efforts to gather and respond to customer feedback.

In conclusion, having a Head of Business Development as your CMO represents a significant evolution in the traditional marketing leadership paradigm. By marrying strategic vision, an ROI-focused mindset, relationship building, and market insights, this new breed of CMOs can deliver exceptional value to both the business and its clients. It’s an exciting shift that promises to redefine the marketing landscape in the years to come.

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