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Sending WOEXA ‘properties’ from your database

When a User has logged into your website, it can be useful to send additional properties from your database through to WOEXA, for example: whether the user is a customer, or their user ID from your database.

You’ll need to trigger a tracking call to WOEXA after the window has loaded. Write the following code into the body of the first page generated after the user has logged in.

NOTE: This assumes you are using jQuery to use $( document ).ready

$( document ).ready(function() {
    if(window.canddi) {
        var objTags = {
            [tag] : [score]
            //typically score = 1 but you can use other numbers here

Once the page has loaded, then the values in ‘property1’ will be transmitted back to WOEXA and stored against the contact.

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