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Uploading CSVs to WOEXA

To make the most out of the CSV files you upload to WOEXA, we recommend you use WOEXA.Link.

WOEXA.Link allows you to capitalise on the existing knowledge within your CRM and other databases. For example, if you had a contact that’s known to be an ‘opportunity’ or ‘lead’ within your CRM, we’d be using this information to tell WOEXA.

So, when this recognised contact returns to your website, WOEXA will know who owns that contact and at what stage they’re at within your sales process.

To upload your CSV files, head to the ‘Settings’ tab of your WOEXA dashboard. Here you should scroll down the left hand side until you see ‘Upload CSV’ under ‘Site Management’.

Upload CSV

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Upload CSV’ you’ll see a ‘New Upload’ button in the top right. Click on this and you’ll be able to drop your CSV directly into WOEXA.

You can also manage all of your other uploads in this part of the dashboard. They can be filtered by those that are processing, successful and those that’ve had errors.

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