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How to Use Time-Expiring Tags For Up-To-Date Streams

What is a time-expiring tag?

A time-expiring tag is simply a tag which will be removed from a contact in WOEXA after a set period of time.

This is useful if you’d only like a visitor to carry a tag for a certain period of time beyond the action which applies the tag.

For example, let’s say I have a tag called Visited_Pricing which gets applied to contacts in WOEXA when they visit my pricing page. This is useful as it allows me to create a Stream to see all of my visitors who have looked at pricing.

But here’s the thing – do I really want to see every visitor who has ever visited my pricing page since the beginning of time? If I’m a salesperson, I’m probably only interested in those who have visited it in the past week.

To achieve this, I can put a time expiration of 7 days on my Visited_Pricing tag. This way, only visitors who looked at my pricing page in the past week will show up in my Stream.

How do I create a time-expiring tag?

Creating a time-expiring tag is super simple!

  1. In your WOEXA Dashboard, head to the Settings tab
  2. Click on Tags Management

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  3. Either find the tag you’d like to add a time expiry to, or simply create a new one by clicking ‘New Tag’
  4. Click the dropdown next to your tag, and select an expiry time period

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And you’re done! From now on, your tag will be removed from a contact when the selected time period elapses.

If you have any questions about time-expiring tags, please get in touch at!

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