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How to use WOEXA Download

What is it?

WOEXA.Download is a tool that helps you identify your prospects through hyperlinks.

It works alongside our email plugin to turn downloadable files into tracked WOEXA links that identify the people downloading them. This comes in handy when you’re sending an email attachment, or directing someone to a site that isn’t yours.

Why? Because without WOEXA.Download you’d lose sight of this ‘chain’. This is because wherever you’re directing the recipient with your links, they aren’t tracked by WOEXA.

So how do you get set up?

Getting started

Log into your WOEXA dashboard and navigate to the ‘Identify’ tab. You should see a number of options down the left hand side of your screen. Click on ‘WOEXA Download’.

You’ll now be able to upload your chosen document or add a link to a third-party site such as your social media platforms, landing pages, etc.

WOEXA Download

Copy the new link that’s generated and paste it into the body of your email where you’d like the tracked link to appear.

Underneath, you’ll also be able to see all your previous uploads and links in case you ever have to revisit them.

Once you’ve sent off your email, you can use our email plugin to monitor the activity of your recipients. This includes who’s opened each email, and who’s clicked the link within them.

Due to having WOEXA Download installed, you won’t lose sight of these prospects as they are redirected to your attachments/ links. Their profile will be created in WOEXA and they’ll be recognised on every return visit to your site going forward.

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