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ClickDimension Campaigns: Adding WOEXA tracking

Due to the way ClickDimension works, the exact code you will use is different depending on whether the recipient is a Lead or a Contact, but the process for creating (and implementing) the code is exactly the same.

ClickDimension use the following tags:


  • First Name: ${Recipient.lead.firstname}
  • Last Name: ${Recipient.lead.lastname}
  • Email: ${Recipient.lead.emailaddress1}
  • Company: ${}


  • First Name: ${}
  • Last Name: ${}
  • Email: ${}
  • Company: ${}

So, for every link in your email you need to create a ‘WOEXA Integration’ URL. For a contact, this URL should look something like this:

http://YOUR_URL?ce=${} &cfn=${}&cln=${}&cc= ${}

When your email is sent then ClickDimension will replace these Merge Tags with the correct values. We recommend testing this before you send anything!

If you’re having trouble adding WOEXA tracking to your ClickDimensions Campaigns, please get in touch with our success team at

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