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Adestra Campaigns: Adding WOEXA tracking

If you’re using the Adestra platform, it unfortunately doesn’t support ‘merge’ fields as most platforms do. If you want to read about this on Adestra’s website, then go here.

So, to add WOEXA tracking to your Adestra Campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new profile within Adestra named ‘WOEXA’
  2. Click on ‘Create new Fields’ and create ‘Contact Fields’
  3. Add fields for ‘First Name’, Last Name’, and ‘Email Address’

That’s the basic set-up taken care of, so all that remains is to create an Adestra campaign as normal.

When you insert a link into your Adestra template or mailer, use the WOEXA profile and Adestra will automatically include the correct fields within the link. The resulting link should look something like this:

Whenever your recipients click a link with this format, WOEXA will identify them and remember them each time they return to your website.

Adestra should now automatically introduce the correct parameters when you send the email. We strongly recommend that you test this before using it for your live campaigns.

If you’re having trouble adding WOEXA tracking to your Adestra campaigns, please get in touch with our success team at

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