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Adding WOEXA Tracking to your LinkedIn Inmail Messages

What is the LinkedIn Prospect Tracker?

The LinkedIn Prospect Tracker allows you to send LinkedIn messages with tracked links. This means that for prospects who click through to your website;

  • You’ll see every action they take in real time
  • You’ll know every time they return to your site in the future

The great news is, you can also use the LinkedIn Prospect Tracker with InMail. That means if you’re using InMail to send non-connections messages via LinkedIn, you can add WOEXA tracking to those, too! Here’s how:

Installing the plugin

  1. Install the WOEXA SalesGUi

    WOEXA Captures

  2. Log in to the SalesGUi using your WOEXA account

Creating a message template

  1. Click on ‘LinkedIn templates’ in the SalesGUi
  2. Click ‘Create New Template’

    WOEXA Captures

  3. Here, type in the message you’d like to send to your prospects on LinkedIn. Remember – you can use the merge tags like to personalise the message using the recipient’s details!

    WOEXA Captures

  4. In the part of your message where you’d like the link to go, type in the merge tag
  5. In the ‘Target URL’ box, enter the URL of the webpage (on your website!) that you’d like to send prospects towards
  6. In the ‘Link Title’ choose the text that will show up on the preview card of this link
  7. Upload the image you would like to show on the preview card of your link (not sure what to use? Just take a screenshot of the webpage and use that!)
  8. Where it says ‘Do you want to use this template for InMail’, select ‘Yes’
  9. In the ‘InMail Subject’ box, type in the subject line you’d like your message to have
  10. Click ‘Save’.

Sending your tracked InMail message

  1. Head to the Sales Navigator part of LinkedIn
  2. Navigate to the non-connection person you’d like to send your InMail to

    WOEXA Captures

  3. Click the ‘Message’ button
  4. In the message window, click the little WOEXA logo to bring up your Templates

    WOEXA Captures

  5. Click ‘Insert’ on your desired Template, then send.

You’re all done! Any prospects who click the link from these messages will become identified in WOEXA.

If you want to get an even better response for your LinkedIn outreach, you can upgrade to make your links look even more clickable! Contact us at to find out more.

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