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Why are people being identified twice in WOEXA?

ANDDi works hard to identify everyone that lands on your website, but sometimes this can end up in duplicate results! There can be a few reasons why one person with the same name and email address are appearing more than once in WOEXA:

  • A colleague has sent an email via outlook or Gmail to multiple people. This will cause WOEXA to think everyone who follows the link is the same person, as the Outlook or Gmail plugin will only track 1-to-1 emails.
  • A colleague has forwarded the email with tracking in it.
  • A 1-to-1 email was sent but the recipient has forwarded the email onto people thus causing WOEXA to pick up the same person from different machines.

If there’s something else messing up your dashboard, or you want to stop this from happening, get in touch at



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