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WOEXA’s Data Transfer Add-on

What is the Data Transfer Add-on?

The Data Transfer is an Add-on for WOEXA users who have an advanced understanding of tech.

The Add-on means the data WOEXA collects about your website visitors is sent (in real time) to a webhook, allowing you to do what you please with raw information.

What can I do with the data?

Since you’ll be receiving every new piece of data WOEXA learns about your visitors in real-time, the simple answer to that question is: whatever you want!

Perhaps you have a bespoke internal system, and you’d like to plug WOEXA’s data into that to provide up-to-date insights. Or maybe you’d simply like your own copy of the data WOEXA collects so you can analyze it more freely.

Just bear one thing in mind: the reason we call the Data Transfer an ‘advanced add-on’ is because it’ll take some coding on your end to manipulate the information into whatever you have in mind!

How do I get started?

The good news is, the Data Transfer Add-on is free for all WOEXA users! You just need to enable it in your dashboard to get started.

  1. In the WOEXA Dashboard, head to the ‘Add-Ons’ section
  2. Locate the Data Transfer Add-OnUpload file
  3. Click ‘Configure’
  4. Enter your desired Endpoint URL, Header Key, and Header ValueUpload file
  5. Click ‘Save’

And you’re away!

If you have any questions about the Data Transfer Add-on, please contact us at

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