Shiv Khera

``Empowering Tradition, Simplifying Tomorrow's Work.``

Tuqqi is a startup company in the field of Future of Work, focusing on traditional organizations.

The “Future of Work” is a global trend of improving productivity in organizations by focusing on task management, projects, knowledge, CRM & internal communication.
Unlike tech-orientated companies, traditional organizations don’t have the in-house expertise to implement many tools and integrate them. Tuqqi offers an All-In-One platform, easy to use with implementation services included in the product.


At Woexa, we leverage content marketing to establish Tuqqi as an expert in Future of Work. Engage audiences through SEO-optimized blog posts, informative webinars, and user testimonials. Increase visibility with targeted Google and social media ads. Foster relationships via personalized email marketing and active social media presence. Implement retargeting campaigns to convert interested visitors. Utilize influencer partnerships to enhance credibility. Continually monitor, measure, and adjust tactics based on data analytics for optimal results.

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Transforming brands with creativity and strategy.
Unleash the power of your brand with us.

Studio Brooklyn, NYC
Studio Slovenia

Brooklyn, NY 11210 USA

Trbovlje, Slovenia 1420

BROOKLYN Studio: call our UK Head Office +44 203 885 2234

SLOVENIA Studio: +386 40425804

Studio London

1000 Great West Road
The Mille Building
West London

+44 20 3885 2234


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