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IMPACT SPORTS CBD, a collaborative creation of CiiTECH, unites cannabis research expertise and a zeal for fitness and sports. We’re a community, ranging from top athletes to fitness beginners, who’ve found personal benefits from CBD. Our focus is not on convincing you of CBD’s merits but on using CiiTECH’s insights and our customer relationships to develop a brand tailored for the athletically-inclined. Offering CBD products, fitness tips, nutritional guidance, training advice, and even a clothing line, we aim to revolutionize wellness, sports, and fitness spheres, catering to both amateurs and professionals.

As a digital marketing agency, we propelled IMPACT SPORTS CBD’s online presence through comprehensive brand design and social media management. We developed a distinct, sports-centric brand identity, reflecting their unique blend of CBD expertise and fitness enthusiasm. On social media, we cultivated an engaging community by creating and curating tailored content, including fitness tips, nutritional advice, and product showcases. Through targeted campaigns, SEO optimization, and interactive events, we amplified their reach, boosting visibility and customer engagement, ultimately driving their digital growth.

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