Fin & Stanley DJ Duo

As Fin & Stanley’s marketing and management agency, we outlined an innovative and comprehensive strategy designed to deepen their engagement with existing fans and widen their reach to potential new ones.

Digital Engagement: We maintain an active and engaging presence on their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Regular updates, behind-the-scenes content, and previews of upcoming releases will be shared to keep fans engaged and attract new followers.

Podcasts & Live Streams: Regular podcasts on Dance FM Romania and live streaming sessions continue to be leveraged as a means to broaden their audience and provide opportunities for real-time engagement. These platforms are also ideal for debuting new music and offering exclusive performances.

Collaborative Ventures: We plan to strengthen their ties within the industry by facilitating collaborations with leading artists and featuring their music on renowned labels. These partnerships will expose them to wider audiences and foster mutual growth.

Community Building: We created a robust community for their fans through online interaction, fan meet-and-greets at live shows, and exciting initiatives through their imprint, Two Dudes Records. The objective is to foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among their fan base.

Live Performances: Emphasising the immersive experience of their live shows, we secure slots at festivals and open-air events to showcase their electrifying performances. This also serve as an opportunity to convert attendees into fans and to deepen their connection with existing ones.

Exclusive Releases: Our strategy includes regular releases of exclusive tracks, remixes, and EPs to generate continuous buzz around their brand. A mix of general and exclusive releases will cater to a broader audience while rewarding dedicated fans with unique content.

Merchandising: We help design and market an array of branded merchandise to enhance their brand visibility and provide fans with tangible ways to show their support. This not only serves as a promotional tool but also as an additional revenue stream.

PR and Media Relations: We actively pursue media coverage through interviews, features, and reviews to keep Fin & Stanley in the public eye. We’ll also ensure they publicly acknowledge their influences and supporters, strengthening their industry relationships.

This marketing plan is a multi-channel approach designed to capitalize on Fin & Stanley’s current momentum while setting them up for greater future successes. As their agency, we are committed to driving their brand forward and ensuring their music continues to reach a growing global audience.

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