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WOEXA Slovenia | 2022 | Branding


ESET: Delivering a Cyber-Secure Brand Experience

ESET is a globally renowned internet security company specializing in offering advanced cyber security products and services. With a footprint spanning multiple continents, ESET has been the trusted protector of digital spaces for millions of users.

Our collaboration with ESET was focused on the Slovenian arm of the company. Our goal was to develop a comprehensive branding and digital strategy, and craft a website design that ensured not just a seamless alignment with the Head Office’s brand language but also reflected the core values and distinct personality of ESET.

As a testament to our deep understanding of digital spaces, we delivered a strategic plan to uplift the brand’s online presence, with a particular focus on creating an engaging and user-friendly interface for their website. By meticulously integrating the parent company’s brand guidelines with local nuances, we ensured that the Slovenian offices presented a unified but distinctive face to the public.

With a budget of €287,750, we ensured every dollar was wisely invested in creating a robust digital brand identity, one that synergistically blended with ESET’s global stature and its deep local roots.

Our own Masa Maxin was appointed as the head of brand management for ESET, overseeing an array of critical areas including social media design, website design, event brochures, and magazine design and layout.

Masa’s role went beyond digital strategies, as she also designed and created printed corporate assets, such as leaflets, mugs, complimentary slips, t-shirts, and corporate gifts. These tangible branding elements served as strategic touchpoints, reinforcing ESET’s identity and providing a physical connection to a typically digital brand.

In a unique intersection of sports and technology, ESET emerged as the official sponsor of the Slovenian National Ski Team. Masa was entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating design specifications related to this prestigious sponsorship. This assignment showcased our agency’s adaptability and our knack for integrating a brand into various platforms for optimal exposure.

Through this project, we demonstrated our prowess in digital marketing, branding strategy, and our ability to adapt and innovate in tune with our client’s requirements. Our experience with ESET is a testament to our commitment to delivering personalized, effective, and comprehensive digital marketing solutions.

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