Case Study: Laura Wild, Marketing Manager at Dycem

“From the offset there was a noticeable difference. Using WOEXA solutions and services allows us to give the sales team a heads up not just on who’s been on the site but also what they’re interested in and what products they’re looking at.”

Company background

Dycem provides contamination control solutions to international clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Their technology, which focuses around contamination control flooring, is also used in datarooms and other sensitive environments. The company has been providing
solutions since 1966 and currently works with a number of NHS hospitals, as well as global brands such as Philips, Continental and GlaxoSmithKline.

“If there’s ever a problem with the process it is always rectified that day and the WOEXA team are very helpful when it comes to adapting the solutions to suit our needs. They are all clearly devoted to the business and very passionate about what they do. It’s brilliant!”

The Issue/Challenge Faced

WOEXA is the first digital marketing service Dycem have utilised. The company were already using Google Analytics, along with several similar platforms but were looking for an all-in-one solution that would allow them to both identify leads from their website traffic while also aiding the development of their marketing strategy.

Dycem were also seeking a solution that could be easily adapted to suit their needs, and decided to use WOEXA after being impressed by the support offered and the bespoke nature of their services.

WOEXA for Dycem

Dycem are now able to use WOEXA’s solutions as a way of identifying fresh leads for their sales team. Dycem track both visitors to the website as well as those downloading online brochures, giving the team a clear indication of when a user becomes a prospect.

Using WOEXA’s digital solutions (Buyer Intent) can also discover which products the prospects are interested in, allowing for a specific and targeted approach to potential clients. The flexible

nature of WOEXA’s services has also seen Dycem develop a number of different streams, giving the team a breakdown of visitors by geographical location and time spent on the site.

The company are also using WOEXA solutions to improve their email communications. By discovering interests in particular services from certain sectors and geographical locations, Dycem are able to create individual e-communication campaigns targeting different segments of their database.

The Benefits

Laura Wild, Marketing Manager at Dycem says…

“By using a more tailored approach to our email communications, we’ve seen a noticeable reduction in the number of people opting out of our database. We also use WOEXA’s website visitor tracking solutions in all of our emails and we’ve seen a big increase in the numbers clicking through to our site and engaging with our content.”

New sales were very quickly attributed to WOEXA’s ability to identify potential leads.

Laura Wild says…

“The service (WOEXA) has already paid for itself.”

“Rather than doing a cold call and offering all products, you can be more specific. If you know they’re interested in a certain product you can be more prepared and contact them with that information already to hand.”

The WOEXA services has also resulted in increased engagement with Dycem’s marketing communications, in particular their email campaigns. Insights gained from the WOEXA digital solutions have also played a central role in the development of the Dycem website. This has included the creation of translated SEO pages after tracking interest in individual sectors from specific countries.

SurveyMe continues to grow and now has a client base with users in over 113 countries.

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