7 powerful (and unexpected!) benefits of tracking your website visitors

Why track your website visitors? You get all lots of data about who is visiting your website, and exactly what they’re doing on it. But what do you do with it? In this blog, we’ll cover the more obvious benefits like lead generation and measuring your marketing ROI… but we’ll also explain some lesser-known uses of visitor […]

7 of the Best Practical Lead Prospecting Approaches and Practices

One of the most difficult parts of the business world is figuring out how to get more customers. In fact, studies show that lead generation is considered one of the most difficult parts of business. Add on top of that how difficult it can be to convert leads to real customers, and the whole process can […]

What is the best way to track visitors to my website?

If you’re new to the idea of tracking your website visitors, the whole thing can be pretty overwhelming.You’ve probably got two main questions, “What types of tracking exist?” and “Which is right for me?”In this article we’ll go over 4 main ways to track your website visitors, and explain the benefits of each. You can […]